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Hammed Kayode Alabi is a Nigerian and recipient of the MasterCard foundation scholarship who grew up in the largest floating slum

Six (6) most valuable lessons for University Students: Insights from Hammed Kayode Alabi, a MasterCard scholar

Hammed Kayode Alabi is a Nigerian and recipient of the MasterCard foundation scholarship who grew up in the largest floating slum in Africa, called Makoko, situated in Nigeria. He lost his mother at the age of 7 and also watched his father face challenges as a result of lack of employment. But this did not deter him from achieving his dreams. In fact, it was a source of motivation. By age 15, he was already teaching in a basic rural school in Lagos and later founded the Kayode Alabi Leadership and Career Initiative (KLCI), a youth-led nonprofit organization that uses a three-pronged approach—Education for Sustainable Development, Mentorship, and Advocacy—to reduce inequalities by helping underserved young people develop life skills and forge a trajectory for their careers.

He went on to graduate as the best student from the Department of Human Kinetics/Education at the University of Ilorin, also securing a fully-funded MasterCard scholarship to study for his master’s degree at the University of Edinburgh. Now a non-profit leader, author, spoken word poet, entrepreneur, and advocate for quality education, Hammed has been very active in posting inspiring content on his social media feeds. In one of his recent posts on Facebook, he shared some valuable insights, which we have rephrased as the six (6) most valuable lessons for university students. These lessons have been pivotal in helping Hammed achieve his dreams, and we hope that they will help you too.

Embrace Volunteering and Lifelong Learning

For Hammed, his university years were not solely about academic pursuits; they were an opportunity to make a difference through volunteering. His involvement with the Red Cross and various departmental associations allowed him to develop critical people skills while immersing himself in a culture of service. Embracing the essence of lifelong learning, he understood that the classroom was just the beginning – real growth happened in the field, among those he served.

Pursue Academic Excellence with Tenacity

Driven by an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, Hammed’s pursuit of academic excellence was relentless. His unwavering dedication led him to achieve the accolade of the best graduating student in his department. This achievement, combined with his exceptional work experiences and impactful contributions, positioned him for prestigious scholarships that would further propel his journey to global impact.

Cultivate the Art of Effective Communication

Recognizing the power of words to drive change, Hammed honed his writing skills through diverse avenues – from exam essays to academic publications and thought-provoking blog posts. This emphasis on communication set him on the path to becoming a published author and a respected thought leader, enabling him to share his ideas and insights with the world.

Master the Art of Public Speaking and Facilitation

Stepping into leadership roles, Hammed embraced public speaking and facilitation opportunities during his university years. Through free tutorials and delivering a captivating keynote speech at the departmental freshers’ orientation program, he polished his skills as a communicator and leader. These qualities would become instrumental in his future engagements with diverse audiences and international events.

Harness the Power of Research and Critical Thinking

The university library became a sanctuary for Hammed, a place where he delved into the world of research, exploring new materials, and formulating compelling theses and arguments. This dedication to research not only enriched his academic journey but also equipped him with the ability to approach challenges with critical thinking and innovative solutions.

Gain Real-world Experience through Internships

Understanding the value of practical experience, Hammed actively sought internships during his bachelor’s degree. From working in a gym to serving as an office assistant and even venturing into the realm of radio, each opportunity contributed to his growth as an individual and a professional. These diverse experiences laid the foundation for his future success as a global change-maker.

Eight years have passed since those formative university days. But its impact still reflects on the life journey of Hammed Kayode Alabi. This serves as a testament to the transformative power of seizing opportunities and embracing lifelong learning. His journey exemplifies the potential within each of us to effect change, make an impact, and leave a lasting legacy.

You may have gone through difficult times, received several rejections, or even experienced the worst failures. But remember, every experience comes with a fair share of lessons that can be instrumental in becoming the best version of ourselves. See positivity in negativities. Make up your mind to succeed regardless and be determined to achieve your dreams. Also, remember that you are not alone; trust in God always while also putting in the efforts. Hammed Kayode Alabi made it through the hard times; you too can!

If you wish to have a session with Hammed Kayode Alabi, contact him through his professional website by clicking HERE.

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