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Childhood Dream: Young Nigerian lady gets called to the largest bar in Africa

CHILDHOOD DREAM: Nigerian lady gets called to the largest bar in Africa

A young and determined Nigerian lady surmounts great obstacles to fulfil her childhood dream of becoming a lawyer.

Childhood Dream: Young Nigerian lady gets called to the largest bar in Africa

“I just got called to the Largest Bar in Africa.. Ever since I was little, I have always wanted to be a lawyer and GOD DID!”

Most adults once had dreams in their childhood. Dreams to become a doctor, pilot, scientist, an engineer, or any other profession. But according to an online survey conducted by a recruiting site, only 15% of respondents based their career choices on their childhood dreams. However, the survey also found that this 15% group included a high percentage of managers, business owners, top managers.

For some reasons, most people choose career paths different from their childhood fantasies, while some like Fehintoluwa Ajayi stay true to those fantasies until it becomes actualised.

In a post shared on LinkedIn, Fehintoluwa Ajayi celebrates her remarkable achievement. According to her, she had a dream of becoming a lawyer right from childhood. After her primary and secondary education, she went further to secure admission to the University of Lagos, South-West Nigeria, where she bagged a Bachelor’s degree in law, and then proceeded to the Nigerian Law School in Abuja, the federal capital territory of Nigeria.

“This is a product of hard work, consistency and God’s grace!”

Fehintoluwa Ajayi is grateful to God for her achievement, and also extends her gratitude to all those who contributed to her success story.

There are many obstacles in the path of excellence. But with hard work, resilience, determination and trust in God, obstacles can be stepping stones to achieving childhood dreams.

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