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We are excited to take you on a transformative journey through the ins and outs of applying for the Chevening Scholarship. We will equip you with all the essential knowledge and tips to present a top-notch Chevening application

Chevening Scholarship Application Tips: All you need to know

Are you an ambitious individual with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for making a positive impact on the world? If the answer is a resounding yes, then the Chevening Scholarship might just be the key to unlocking boundless opportunities for you. As a prestigious and life-changing initiative, the Chevening Scholarship opens the doors to higher education in the United Kingdom, granting access to renowned universities, a global network of like-minded individuals, and the tools to become a trailblazing leader in your chosen field.

In this comprehensive guide, we are excited to take you on a transformative journey through the ins and outs of applying for the Chevening Scholarship. We will equip you with all the essential knowledge and tips to present a standout application that captivates the selection panel, and we hope that these tips will be instrumental to your success as you apply for the Chevening Scholarship.

Check Eligibility Criteria of the Chevening Scholarship

Before you begin your application, it’s crucial to verify that you meet the scholarship’s eligibility criteria. As of my last update in September 2021, some common eligibility requirements include:

  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  • A minimum of two years of work experience
  • Good communication skills (all courses are conducted in English)
  • Intent to return to your home country after completing the studies

Ensure that you meet these basic requirements before proceeding with the application. Find Out more about the Chevening eligibility criteria here.

Research Available Courses

As you embark on the journey of applying for the Chevening Scholarship, one of the critical steps is researching the available courses offered by UK universities. The scholarship provides an incredible opportunity to study a wide range of academic disciplines, enabling you to pursue your passion and advance your career. Here’s how to effectively research and identify the courses that align with your academic and professional goals:

  • Identify Your Academic and Career Aspirations:

Before delving into the vast selection of courses, take some time to reflect on your academic interests and long-term career aspirations. What subjects excite you the most? What specific knowledge and skills do you wish to acquire during your time in the UK? Identifying your academic and career goals will serve as a guiding compass in your course research.

  • Check the Chevening Website:

While the Chevening Scholarship offers a wide range of courses and universities to choose from, it’s essential to ensure that the program you intend to study and the school you wish to attend are eligible for the scholarship. The first and most reliable source of information is the official Chevening Scholarship website. The website provides a list of eligible courses and universities for the scholarship. Navigate to the “Courses” or “Find a course” section on the website to search for the academic program you are interested in.

  • Explore University Websites:

Take your research further by visiting the official websites of various UK universities. Universities often provide comprehensive information about their academic programs, faculty expertise, and research opportunities on their websites. Pay close attention to the course descriptions, modules offered, and any specialized tracks that align with your interests.

  • Consider Accreditation and Rankings:

While researching courses, it’s essential to consider the accreditation and rankings of the universities and specific programs you are interested in. Look for courses that are accredited by relevant professional bodies or hold high rankings in the subject area you wish to study. A well-recognized and respected university can add significant value to your academic and professional journey.

  • Seek Guidance from Alumni and Faculty:

Reach out to Chevening alumni who have pursued similar courses or are studying at the universities you are considering. Their insights and experiences can offer valuable perspectives on the quality of education, research opportunities, and campus life. Additionally, try to connect with faculty members or academic advisors at the universities to gain more in-depth information about the courses you are interested in.

  • Analyse Course Curriculum:

Scrutinize the course curriculum to ensure it aligns with your academic interests and goals. Look for modules that cover the subjects you are most passionate about and are relevant to your intended career path. Consider the balance of theoretical knowledge and practical application in the course, as a well-rounded education can better prepare you for real-world challenges.

  • Evaluate Research Opportunities:

For those inclined towards research or academic pursuits, explore the research opportunities available within your chosen course. Investigate the university’s research facilities, ongoing projects, and potential for collaborations with renowned researchers. Engaging in cutting-edge research can significantly enhance your academic experience and contribute to your long-term goals.

  • Check Available Resources and Support:

Consider the resources and support services offered by the university, such as libraries, career counselling, student support networks, and extracurricular activities. A supportive and enriching university environment can contribute significantly to your personal and professional growth.

Craft Compelling Essays for the Chevening Scholarship

The Chevening Scholarship application process comprises several crucial essays that offer applicants the opportunity to showcase their unique strengths, aspirations, and potential as future leaders. In this guide, we will explore each essay prompt and provide valuable insights on how to craft compelling responses that make your application stand out.

Leadership Essay:

The leadership essay is a fundamental component of the Chevening application, where you have the chance to demonstrate your leadership qualities and potential. The key to a successful leadership essay is to provide concrete examples of your leadership experiences and how you’ve made a positive impact in various spheres of your life. The leadership essay provides a platform for you to demonstrate your ability to lead, inspire, and effect positive change in various aspects of your life. Here are some essential tips to craft a compelling leadership essay:

Tips for Writing the Leadership Essay

  • Choose Relevant Experiences:

Start by carefully selecting leadership experiences that are most relevant to the scholarship’s objectives and your future aspirations. Consider experiences from your academic, professional, and community involvement that showcase your ability to take charge, make decisions, and drive initiatives forward. For instance, you may want to highlight leadership roles in student organizations, community service projects, work-related projects, or team-based activities. These experiences should align with your chosen field of study and demonstrate your commitment to making a difference.

  • Show Impact using the STAR technique

In crafting your Chevening Scholarship leadership essay, the most crucial aspect is to vividly demonstrate the tangible impact of your actions and decisions. The selection panel is eager to understand how your leadership skills have brought about positive change, improved situations, or inspired others to follow your lead.

To create a compelling and memorable essay, it is essential to provide specific examples of how your leadership has led to measurable outcomes. Instead of merely listing your achievements, use the STAR technique to weave a captivating narrative by describing the Situation, Task, Action, and Result in a way that captivates the reader and showcases your leadership prowess.

Here are few examples of the Chevening leadership essay to illustrate the aspect of showing impact and using the STAR technique;

Example 1


During my undergraduate years, I actively volunteered with an organization dedicated to improving educational opportunities for underprivileged youth.


As a student leader, I undertook the responsibility of designing and implementing an after-school mentoring program that would provide academic support and guidance to the students.


The true essence of my leadership was revealed as I delved deep into understanding the students’ individual struggles and aspirations. By personally connecting with each student, I spent time listening to their dreams and challenges, creating an atmosphere of trust and encouragement. Through my initiative, interactive study sessions and group discussions were introduced, fostering a supportive and inspiring learning environment. My mentorship aimed to instil a profound belief in their potential, igniting the flame of ambition within them, and I continuously worked to build a sense of community among the students, nurturing their personal growth.


The transformative impact of the mentoring program was awe-inspiring. Witnessing the once disheartened students now exuding confidence and proudly sharing their academic achievements was a testament to the power of effective leadership. The program’s positive influence extended far beyond just grades; several students gained the courage to pursue higher education, successfully breaking the cycle of poverty that once restrained their families. The profound camaraderie that developed among the students not only nurtured a positive learning atmosphere but also had a ripple effect on the entire community, inspiring others to support educational initiatives and fostering a brighter future for the underprivileged youth.

Example 2


As a community leader, I witnessed the detrimental effects of pollution and waste on the environment in my hometown.


I took on the responsibility of initiating and leading sustainable initiatives to promote eco-friendly practices and raise environmental awareness.


My approach to tackling environmental degradation was rooted in inclusivity and active participation. I orchestrated engaging community workshops and clean-up drives that transcended mere education, actively involving community members in hands-on environmental conservation activities. Together, we collaborated with local businesses to implement recycling programs and introduced eco-friendly alternatives to plastic, promoting sustainable living within our community. Embodying the change we sought, I led by example, actively participating in every clean-up drive and sustainable event, rallying community support and fostering a shared sense of responsibility for preserving our precious ecosystem.


The transformation of our community was nothing short of remarkable. The panel can visualize the once littered parks and rivers becoming pristine and vibrant, testament to our collective efforts to restore nature’s beauty. Families enthusiastically participated in maintaining an eco-friendly environment, embracing a greener lifestyle with genuine commitment. The initiatives not only improved the quality of life for residents but also earned commendation from regional authorities, acknowledging the innovative and sustainable approach we adopted. As word of our community’s success spread, neighbouring towns were inspired to adopt similar eco-friendly practices, amplifying the positive impact and creating a domino effect of environmental preservation on a broader scale.

By emphasizing the “show, don’t tell” approach and utilizing the STAR technique in your Chevening leadership essay, you can effectively illustrate the real-world impact of your leadership experiences. Providing specific and vivid examples will enable the selection panel to gain a deeper appreciation of how your leadership has brought about positive change and inspired others to follow your lead.

  • Reflect on Challenges:

Leadership is not without its challenges, and the selection panel wants to see how you handle adversity and setbacks. Use this essay as an opportunity to discuss the obstacles you faced during your leadership roles and how you overcame them. Highlight instances where you displayed resilience, adaptability, and problem-solving skills to navigate difficult situations. Demonstrating your ability to stay focused and lead effectively in the face of challenges shows that you have the maturity and tenacity needed to excel as a Chevening Scholar and a future leader.

  • Demonstrate Growth and Learning:

Throughout your leadership essay, emphasize how your experiences have contributed to your personal and professional growth. Reflect on how your leadership journey has shaped your values, perspectives, and aspirations.

Discuss how you have learned from both successes and failures, and how these experiences have shaped your leadership style. This showcases your ability to be self-aware, open to learning, and continually striving to improve your leadership skills.

  • Connect with Your Future Goals:

Tie your leadership experiences and the skills you’ve acquired to your future goals and how they align with the Chevening Scholarship’s mission. Explain how the scholarship will further develop your leadership potential and enable you to contribute significantly to your home country upon completion of your studies.

Networking Essay

In this essay, you must elucidate your networking skills and explain how you can contribute to the Chevening community and build meaningful connections during your time in the UK. The Chevening Scholarship emphasizes creating a global network of scholars who collaborate and share knowledge for the greater good.

Tips for Writing the Networking Essay:

  • Share past networking experiences: Describe instances where networking played a crucial role in achieving your goals or making a difference in your community.
  • Emphasize mutual benefit: Illustrate how you believe networking is a two-way street, where you can both learn from others and contribute to their growth.
  • Mention specific resources: Research the resources and opportunities available in the UK and explain how they align with your academic and professional interests.
  • Show enthusiasm for networking: Demonstrate genuine enthusiasm for networking and engaging with individuals from diverse backgrounds.

Essay on Why You Want to Study in the UK

This essay allows you to articulate your motivations for choosing the UK as your study destination. The Chevening Scholarship aims to build lasting connections between the UK and its global partners, and this essay helps the selection panel understand your reasons for seeking academic enrichment in the UK.

       Tips for Writing the “Why UK?” Essay

  • Highlight academic excellence: Emphasize the UK’s reputation for academic excellence and its prestigious institutions in your chosen field.
  • Cultural exposure: Discuss how the multicultural environment and diverse perspectives in the UK will enrich your learning experience.
  • UK-Home Country relations: Articulate how your studies in the UK will contribute to strengthening ties between the UK and your home country.
  • Specific programs and faculty: Mention specific courses, research opportunities, or faculty members that align with your academic interests.

Career Plan Essay

In this essay, you must outline your career goals and demonstrate how the Chevening Scholarship will play a pivotal role in achieving them. The selection panel wants to see a clear vision for your future and how your chosen course of study will enable you to make a meaningful impact.

     Tips for Writing the Career Plan Essay

  • Be specific and realistic: Clearly define your short-term and long-term career goals, ensuring they are achievable and well-aligned with your background and interests.
  • Address the skills gap: Explain how the course you plan to pursue in the UK will equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to bridge any gaps in your current expertise.
  • Home country impact: Articulate how your future career aspirations will contribute to the development and progress of your home country.
  • Show dedication: Convey your commitment to utilizing the knowledge gained in the UK to make a difference in your field of expertise.

Crafting compelling essays for the Chevening Scholarship application is essential to demonstrate your unique qualities, aspirations, and potential as a future leader. These tips will help to showcase your strengths and illustrates how the Chevening Scholarship will empower you to become a change-maker in your home country and beyond. Remember to be genuine, reflective, and purposeful in your responses, and the Chevening Scholarship may become your ticket to a transformative academic journey in the UK.

Prepare Other Essential Documents

The application process requires you to submit various documents to support your candidacy. These typically include:

  • Academic transcripts and certificates: Provide evidence of your academic qualifications, including transcripts and certificates from your previous studies.
  • Work experience: Highlight your professional experience, demonstrating leadership qualities and significant contributions to your field.
  • References: Secure two references from individuals who can vouch for your academic abilities and leadership potential.
  • English language proficiency: If English is not your first language, you may need to take an English language test (such as IELTS or TOEFL) and submit the results. Please note that the Chevening Scholarship does not require the English proficiency test results, but the various universities you might apply to may ask for it. Hence, it is important to keep it handy. But if you do not have the resources to sit for any English Proficiency test, they are ways you can bypass that and still secure admissions from your school of choice. One of such ways is to rather present your high school final result, which indicates how excellently you performed in the English Language. This can replace other English Language Proficiency test. You can also submit a letter from the tertiary institution you attended that attest to the fact that your first degree was taught in English.

Gather all the necessary documents well in advance to avoid last-minute rush and ensure accuracy.

Submitting the Chevening Scholarship Application and Proceed to apply to your various school of choice

The Chevening Scholarship application typically opens in August and closes in November. Create an account on the official Chevening website and complete the online application form. Ensure that you fill in all the required fields accurately and attach the necessary documents. Remember to review the information before submitting. After this, proceed to the various schools that interests you. The Chevening Scholarship requires that you have at least one unconditional offer from any of the university of your choice or one conditional offer if the only condition to be met is tied to tuition fees.

Start the university application as soon as possible, in order to secure admissions faster. Also remember to follow up with your various referees. Reference letters are very important and could impact on your chevening application either negatively or positively. Ensure that whoever is writing a reference letter on your behalf is someone that can truly attest to your character, leadership skills and excellence, as you have described in your various essays.

The Interview Process

If your application makes it through the initial screening, you will be invited for an interview at the British embassy or high commission in your home country. The interview is a chance for the selection panel to get to know you better, assess your suitability for the scholarship, and evaluate your potential as a future Chevening Scholar.

Be Persistent and Stay Positive

The competition for the Chevening Scholarship is intense, and not everyone who applies will be successful in the first attempt. If you don’t receive the scholarship on your first try, don’t be disheartened. Many successful Chevening Scholars have applied multiple times before being selected. Use any feedback you receive to improve your application for the next round.

Applying for the Chevening Scholarship is a journey that requires meticulous planning, dedication, and a clear vision for your future.  Remember, the scholarship is not just a financial aid but a transformative experience that can shape your future and empower you to become a global leader making a positive impact in your home country and beyond. Take the leap, embrace the challenge, and be determined to succeed regardless of whatever set back you may face.

For more information, consult the Chevening official website. It is also very important to always check the feedback provided by the Chevening reading committee which is available on the website in order to know the common errors you should avoid.

We wish you all the best in your journey!

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