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The University of Edinburgh MasterCard Scholarship

APPLY NOW: University of Edinburgh MasterCard Scholarship for 2023/2024

The 2023/2024 application for the University of Edinburgh MasterCard Scholarship application is now open.

Purpose: The Mastercard Scholarship Program is a full-time scholarship that will enable young people to attain inclusive and relevant education, transition into dignified and fulfilling work, and lead transformative lives.

Application opens December 2023.


The University of Edinburgh is in partnership with the MasterCard Foundation to award a full-time scholarship to 200 people across various African countries for a postgraduate degree. This partnership is in line with the vision of the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program to provide 100,000 scholarships through various universities by 2030, of which the University of Edinburgh has been a part of since 2016. 

All over the globe, having a decent standard of living and a fulfilling job has been a challenge to people from various countries. However, in African countries, this challenge has been been further exacerbated by the impacts of climate change. Although Africa contributes little to climate crisis as compared to elsewhere, they are even more vulnerable to its impact. To combat climate crisis, the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at the University of Edinburgh is on a mission to empower young people across Africa in various skilled, entrepreneurial and compassionate driven ventures.
The programme seeks to provide support for the future African leaders and entrepreneurs who will lead the way towards sustainable development across the african continent.

Who can apply for the University of Edinburgh MasterCard scholarship?

This scholarship is for every young person from Africa, including young women, people with disabilities, young people with refugee and displaced status. They will also receive full financial support for their studies, as well as providing leadership development support. Note that the online masters programmes are for those who have completed a first degree (undergraduate degree) and intend to acquire or develop specialised knowledge in the same career path or something similar.

You can either apply as an online scholar by clicking here. Or apply to study on campus by clicking here.

For the online scholarship, applicants can choose one of the following;

Online Masters (part-time over 3 years)
Online Post-graduate Diploma (part-time over 2 years).

Benefits of the University of Edinburgh MasterCard scholarship

The MCF scholarship will cover the full tuition fees and also provide a small study allowance for scholars to acquire a laptop and access high-quality internet for three-years of part-time online classes. It will also provide the opportunity for scholars to attend an in-person summer school in Africa. 
In addition to the financial support, scholars will have the opportunity to participate in online workshops and coaching spearheaded by the University of Edinburgh.

Who is not eligible for the online masters programme?

Applicants who already have a postgraduate qualification are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.

Who is eligible to receive the University of Edinburgh Mastercard Foundation scholarship for a Postgraduate Diploma?

Postgraduate diplomas are designed for people who are considering transition to a more vocational career.
Undergraduates or Master’s degree students from a Sub-Saharan African universities are eligible to apply (as long as they are graduates by December 2022).

Benefits of the Online Masters Programme
The benefits are similar to that mentioned in the online masters programme, except that it is designed to cover only two-years of part-time online study.  But scholars will also receive coaching, and participate in online workshop organised by the University of Edinburgh.

The following are the subjects you can apply for;

‌1. Global Challenges (Masters or Diploma).

2.‌ Carbon Management (Masters route only).

‌3. One Health (Masters or Diploma)

‌4. International Development (Masters route only)

‌5. Global Food Security and Nutrition (Masters or Diploma)

Application for the University of Edinburgh MasterCard scholarship to study on-Campus

For high potential students living in Africa, who have little educational opportunities to maximize their potential, the Scholars Program at the University of Edinburgh will provide 1 year postgraduate on campus scholarships.

Benefits of on-campus study

‌Full scholarship, which includes financial support for tuition fees, accommodation, travel and living costs.

‌Scholars will also receive a transformative leadership training  to inspire and empower them as agents of change.

Only the following course is available for on-campus learning at the University of Edinburgh;

‌1. Africa and International Development.                                                                  

‌2. Food Security                                                                  

‌3. Sustainable Energy Systems.

‌4. Entrepreneurship and Innovation

‌5. Data, Inequality and Society (on campus only)

General Eligibility Criteria for online or on-campus learning

To be eligible for admission to the University of Edinburgh for a relevant degree program;

‌1. Applicants must have achieved a UK Second Class (Upper) Bachelor’s degree or higher and must have graduated from undergraduate study by December 2022.

‌2. They must also be citizens and residents of a Sub-Saharan African country, demonstrate a track record of leadership and service within their community, and be 35 or younger on September 1, 2023.

‌3. They must not have previously completed a postgraduate degree and must not be enrolled at another university while on scholarship.

‌4. They must also not have the financial means to study overseas independently.

‌5. Applicants must submit a degree certificate and official, final transcript as part of their application.

How to apply for the University of Edinburgh MasterCard Foundation scholarship

To apply for the scholarship, click here

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