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17 AI Tools you should learn how to use today

17 AI Tools you should learn how to use today

AI (Artificial Intelligence) wields a profound influence across various professions, streamlining tasks for professionals. With the advent of remarkable AI tools like ChatGPT, a new era of tools has emerged, each designed to amplify human capabilities across diverse domains such as photography, coding, animation, and academic research.

While concerns have arisen about the potential for job displacement, it’s crucial to recognize that these AI tools offer a multitude of advantages that far outweigh these worries. One such benefit is their capacity to make tasks that were once difficult and complex much more manageable. It saves time, reduces stress, and alleviates financial burdens, among many other advantages. Let’s shift our focus away from the negatives and instead concentrate on how we can utilize these tools positively to enhance our work life.

The objective of this article is to explore 17 AI tools that are capable of substantially enhancing your academic research journey. Serving as reliable companions, these tools are prepared to accompany you on your scholarly voyage. Envision them as your personal magical assistants, each possessing a unique ability to streamline and invigorate your research experience.

1. Elevating Paper Evaluation

In an era of information overload, emerges as a beacon of clarity. It doesn’t just help you find academic papers; it evaluates their reliability by analyzing the citations they’ve received. This tool assists you in distinguishing between supportive and contrasting references, helping you comprehend a paper’s impact better.

Alternatives: Paper Digest, ResearchRabbit 
Pricing: Free for a 30-day trial, $10/month afterward

2. SciSpace: Beyond Citation Management

Staying organized is half the battle in research. SciSpace simplifies this with its intuitive platform that allows researchers to collect, organize, and cite their research sources. Its collaborative features ensure that teams can work seamlessly together, fostering efficient knowledge sharing.

Alternatives: Zotero, Mendeley 
Pricing: Free for personal use, $12/month for teams

3. PaperPal: Crafting Masterful Prose

Effective communication is a cornerstone of academic research. PaperPal doesn’t just correct grammar; it assists with style refinement and plagiarism detection. Its integration with word processors ensures a frictionless experience as you draft your research.

Alternatives: Grammarly, ProWritingAid 
Pricing: Free for basic plan, $19/month for premium plan

4. Semantic Scholar: Unveiling Research Insights

Sifting through countless research papers can be daunting. Semantic Scholar simplifies this process by delivering in-depth analysis and finding research papers from various sources. This tool adds a layer of understanding to your literature review process.

Alternatives: Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic, Dimensions 
Pricing: Free

5. Ecilit: Crafting Polished Research

Research prowess is incomplete without impeccable writing. Ecilit provides comprehensive writing support, addressing grammar, style, citations, and even plagiarism. It equips researchers with the tools they need to produce polished, high-quality papers.

Alternatives: Writefull, Grammarly 
Pricing: Free for basic plan, $10/month for premium plan

6. ChatGPT: Collaborative Brainstorming

Ideation is the heart of research, and ChatGPT serves as an adept brainstorming partner. It aids researchers in refining research questions, generating outlines, and editing manuscripts. The AI’s diverse insights can provide fresh perspectives on your work.

Alternatives: Bard, Bing 
Pricing: Free

7. Bing Chat AI: Versatile Research Aid

Bing Chat AI steps in to assist with web searches, data analysis, and paraphrasing. Its capabilities extend beyond mere search, helping researchers gather insights and valuable information effectively.

Alternatives: ChatGPT 
Pricing: Free

8. Google Bard AI: Navigating the Literature Landscape

Google Bard AI stands out by offering a comprehensive approach to research assistance. From discovering relevant papers to summarizing key points and extracting abstracts, this tool proves invaluable for researchers seeking efficient knowledge acquisition.

Alternatives: ChatGPT 
Pricing: Free

9. Inciteful: Nurturing Proper Citations

Accurate citation is the backbone of credible research. Inciteful streamlines the process of finding and citing research data, ensuring that your work meets the highest standards of academic integrity.

Alternatives: CiteAs, Figshare, Zenodo 
Pricing: Free for basic plan, $10/month for premium plan

10. Zotero: Mastering Reference Management

Managing research sources can be overwhelming, but Zotero transforms it into a streamlined process. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with collaborative features, makes it a go-to tool for researchers seeking efficient reference management.

Alternatives: Mendeley, Papers, EndNote 
Pricing: Free for personal use, $12/month for teams

11. Paper Digest: Distilling Knowledge Efficiently

Paper Digest focuses on summarizing academic papers and aiding in the discovery of relevant research materials. Its concise summaries empower researchers to quickly extract key insights from a vast sea of information.

Alternatives:, ResearchRabbit 
Pricing: Free for a 30-day trial, $10/month afterward

12. Trinka: Elevating Writing Quality

The quality of your research work depends on impeccable writing. Trinka assists with this by offering AI-powered grammar checking, style suggestions, and plagiarism detection. Elevate your writing with this indispensable tool.

Alternatives: Grammarly 
Pricing: Free for basic plan, $29/month for premium plan

13. Research Rabbit: Enhancing Paper Discovery

Research Rabbit joins the league of tools that summarize academic papers and facilitate the discovery of relevant research materials. Its abilities contribute to a more informed and efficient research process.

Alternatives:, Paper Digest 
Pricing: Free for a 30-day trial, $10/month afterward

14. sciRev: Unveiling Literature Insights

Literature reviews are critical to understanding the context of your research. sciRev aids in conducting comprehensive literature reviews, enhancing the depth and breadth of your research insights.

Alternatives: Paper Digest, ResearchRabbit, Dimensions 
Pricing: Free for basic plan, $19/month for premium plan

15. Canva: Visualizing Insights Creatively

Sometimes, research needs a visual touch. Canva simplifies the creation of visually appealing content, from presentations to infographics, helping you communicate complex ideas effectively.

Alternatives: Visme, Piktochart, Venngage 
Pricing: Free for basic plan, $13/month for premium plan

16. iris.Ai: Perfecting Writing Craftsmanship

Crafting a research paper involves more than just information—it’s an art. iris.Ai aids researchers in refining their writing, from grammar and style to citations and plagiarism detection, ensuring your work stands out.

Alternatives: Writefull, Grammarly, ProWritingAid 
Pricing: Free for basic plan, $10/month for premium plan

17. Consensus: Collaborative Excellence

Collaboration is the cornerstone of many research projects. Consensus fosters efficient teamwork by facilitating collaborative research paper and project development, ensuring a unified and productive approach.

Alternatives: Overleaf, Google Docs 
Pricing: Free for basic plan, $10/month for premium plan

The academic research landscape is undergoing rapid evolution, with these 17 AI tools leading the forefront of this transformative process. We trust that you will find this information valuable and that you will harness the full potential of these tools during your research journey. We are confident that you will discover immense value in this information and leverage these tools to the fullest extent throughout your research endeavours. A heartfelt appreciation is extended to Dr. Moses Udoisoh for curating and sharing this comprehensive list on his social media platforms. For deeper insights into graduate school scholarships, data science training, and expert guidance on crafting outstanding statements of purpose, we invite you to connect with him through the following social media channels.

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